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Hayek Club Conference about Free Private Cities, Locarno(CH)

18h – 21h Sala Orelli at  https://www.locarno.ch/it/casorella

Near the castle, in the Palazzo «Casorella». Via B. Rusca 5, Locarno


“Free Private Cities – The adequate form of governance for our present-day civilization”

Marc-Felix Otto
(Free Private Cities Foundation https://freeprivatecities.com)

While technology has developed in leaps and bounds, we are still stuck with forms of government dating back to the early days of the modern age.
The severe lack of competition in the government industry prohibits useful innovation; worse, in many places, government corruption is on the rise.
The Free Private Cities model solves this issue and offers a realistic perspective to realize a new level of liberty in our lifetime.
With all the technologies for wide-ranging, decentralized human interaction in place, the time is ripe for this idea.

Marc-Felix Otto is a member of the Advisory Board for the Free Private Cities Foundation, having supported the idea of contract-based government for over 20 years and authored scientific articles on the topic of coercion together with Rahim Taghizadegan.
He is a Partner at The Advisory House, a leading management consultancy to the energy industry in S/A/G.
Marc holds a PhD in Physics and lives with his wife and two sons in Switzerland.


Talk about the upcoming project at Monte Bré, Ticino

Marco Ricca
( Founder and president, Salva Monte Brè )

The region of Locarno/Ascona is a historical birthing ground for ideas congruent with individual sovereignty and natural rights; the region’s breathtaking natural wealth and its very mountainous topology has for a long time been friendly to people skeptical of centralized power structures.

In 2018, when Marco and other inhabitants of Monte Brè sopra Locarno discovered a secret and utterly barbaric project to destroy their village in order to build a debt-fueled pharaonic «hotel mega-resort», this tradition expressed itself anew. They enlisted the support of an overwhelming majority of the region’s inhabitants, organized a guerilla marketing campaign and a democratic initiative, and were able in the end to save their mountain. In doing so, they became famous in Ticino, and used the opportunity and spotlight to advocate against the kind of central economic planning, and manipulation of interest rates by the Swiss politburo, that make such speculative ventures possible.

Marco will be telling us about his work and the future of Monte Brè; he will explain the kind of power small communities hold, and how they may organize to achieve self-government and self-sustainability. He will make the case for radical decentralization and the way technology empowers the individual against centralized power structures.

„Making Free Private Cities a reality – first lessons learned“

Titus Gebel 
( TIPOLIS Corporation, https://www.tipolis.com/ )

Titus Gebel gives an overview of the first attempts in the real world to establish Free Private Cities. Examples include Honduras, French-Polynesia, Abkhazia and elsewhere. He is also presenting legal ideas and mechanism to create „Factual Free Private Cities“ in places where the legal autonomy from state legislation is unreachable at the moment, like in Switzerland.
18h Intro
18.05 – 18.35  Marc-Felix Otto
15min Discussion
18.50 – 19.20  Marco Ricca
15min Discussion
19.35 – 20.05 Titus Gebel
15min Discussion
20.20 – ca. 20.35  Open Podium discussion all together
20.35  Apero

The brunch the following day will be at 11h at Monte Brè. The participants of Saturday who are interested are invited to come up and we can have a nice brunch in a nice garden up there, visit the place and available (or soon-to-be available) plots.

About accommodation, our recommendation would be Cecchettin in Orselina. https://cecchettin.ch/

Event Registration: nicolaj@hayekianer.ch

Organizer: Club Hayek Zurich,  www.hayekianer.ch

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.


03 Jul 2021


18:00 - 21:00


Casorella, Sala Orelli
 Via B. Rusca 5, Locarno

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